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We have a soup and bread party on new years day

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We have a soup and bread party on new years day

We have a soup and bread party on new years day so I am making a trial loaf today. When I say party - around this time each year we go to the beach and my friends and their dogs and search for the fossilised sharks teeth.

I heat the soup up in his land rover. When they are suitably chilled from exploration on the beach they return to the land rover to devour my sweet potato and chorizo soup with breads.
I normally make a Parmesan cheese crusted garlic and rosemary Focaccia; I am hoping to make a rose as well. Today's one was superb with Taramasalata, Houmous and Garlic And Onion Dip. I made mine with one rope of Garlic, Olive Oil and Rosemary. The other rope was Tomato Relish with Basil.

it was very tasty - i will roll it out thinner next time to get thinner layers.


The Baking Bear



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That is one very beautiful rose!  Soup and bread is a wonderful meal - especially when it's all homemade.  Your friends are very lucky!  Have a Happy New Year!


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Hi John,
What a flavorful! meal you've prepared for your friends. Your rose is lovely and has such a beautiful bronze color!
I've never heard of Taramasalata - going to go look it up :^)
Happy New Year!
:^) breadsong

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Fantastic looking rose.  Is it my imagination or is it glowing from below?

Your soup sounds deliciious as well.

Happy New Year.


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of Breadsong's Christmas Rose.  The variations are endless and yours came out looking different than any of the others too.  It has to taste great.  Just beautiful!

Very nice baking John and Happy New Year!