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loaves sunk in middle

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loaves sunk in middle

Used my Zo BB pac20 twice so far, both times the bread came out great, but the middle of the loaves sunk in. Any suggestions? 

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Occasionally my breads would sink because of over proofing. Try less yeast or reducing the proofing time, if you can control that. 


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That was happening to me on a regular basis with my machine. I reduced the amount of my yeast and the problem went away. I just got the newest model of the ZO, and am now experimenting with the recipes. I tried one from the instruction manual, same thing, so I will reduce the yeast IF I make that one again. It was pretty bland, but I only had unsalted butter, and did not think to increase how much salt I added, so that might be it. Am trying out my "go to" recipe for honey whole wheat and will see how that goes.