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Starter and Sponge obsession

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Starter and Sponge obsession

My obsession with the state of maturation of my sponge or rather is it dead drove me to carry out an experiment yesterday. Long story short. I built my starter up.

I took temperatures at the start and finish. I then filled four containers with the following

I set them at 80f and checked them after 5 and 12 hours, the final temperature was 66f. The bottom line is.

The bottom red line is the original fill line, the other lines show the levels after 5 hours.

The surface tells me its still alive after 12 hours. This is what I wanted to know and now I am satisfied.

My plan for my next bake is to take 10g of starter stored @ 60% hydration and do a single build
with 55g of flour and 58g of water to give me 123g of starter @ 100% hydration.
This is enough starter to build sponge for two amounts of dough.
I know the sponge can be left overnight and the final dough built the next day.

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Good job John.

Look's as if you are well on your way to becoming closely aquainted with your starter :)

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I took note of what you said on my post "starter build maths" about how long your starter lasts before its exhausted.

I am happy that if I build with 50g @ 100% hydration that I have built during today it will last overnight.

I will mix two batches of my sponge at 9pm and leave them overnight until the morning when I will bulk them up and bake them.

I will post how it goes.