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Baking Stone Gift

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Baking Stone Gift

I received an Emile Henry Baking Stone for Christmas. I have  periodically baked bread, kneading it in my KitchenAid Mixer and had planned to buy a couple of loaf pans this weekend. Well, I don't need those now. Just made my first loaf on the  stone, ready in 12 minutes (instead of 30)  it tastes amazing with a great crust. 

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and Happy New Year.  So good to see Santa is still favoring the nice over the naughty and finding the perfect present for them too!!

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I would have liked a Broad and Taylor proof box, but hey Santa must have run out of funds before he got to me! I did get a couple of things for the kitchen, a fancy little appliance that does mutiple things include make circus waffles, which is great as my daughter has finally consented to give me grand children, we are expecting twins in April/May her due date is May 3rd my mother's birthday, but they will likely be born in April by Cesarian because of the difficulties of twin births. We shall see. Anyway they are both girls so says the OB/Gyn but even that is up for grabs as one of them wouldn't co-operate and allow them to see properly!