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Sourdough with a crown

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Sourdough with a crown

Thanks go  to Joanna from Zeb Bakes for the idea and recipe, this sourdough is perfect for the holiday season!   I need to perfect the placement of the braid at the bottom of the banetton so that it stays centered, but overall it was a very nice bread

Full details about the method of making this bread can be found at Zeb's or my blog

For Zeb's article

For my blog link



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has made it across The Pond and onto British TV for a bread baking contest!  The power of TFL is amazing.  You've made a beautiful Chacon of your own Sally and the rye has to make the SD taste great.

Very nice baking!

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Beautiful looking bread.

I bet it tastes as good as it looks.


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In your list of ingredients, you call for:

  • 175 g bread flour
  • 150 g regular bread flour

What is the difference?



SallyBR's picture

Andy got that right, but I will edit my post soon to make it more clear....    I actually used regular (non bread) and bread flour, because that's what I had around the house.....

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Thank you, and Andy too (see below). The different flour characteristics and naming conventions among European, English and N.A. flours (and bakers) can be confusing.

I think at 20% rye, bread flour (e.g. GM's Better for Bread) will do. I'd want to reduce the rye below 10% before using much AP: Purely Personal Preference™ on my part. ;-p

Thank you, Sally, for the post. It will make a nice shaping exercise for gift loaves.



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Hi Gary,

In the UK we have "Strong Flour" which is our regular bread flour.   "Plain Flour" is too weak to use for bread on its own.   The other grade available is a "Super Strong Flour" which came along around the time that breadmaking machines became very popular.   Obviously it's an approximation, as there are a number of different brands, but our Strong Flour is c.11.5 - 12.5% protein, where the Super Strong is c.13 - 14%.   My guess is that Bread flour alone will be perfectly good enough in the US, as protein quality in North American wheat is so superior to the UK.

Beautiful take on the Metfield loaf, Sally.   The crust colour is very inviting indeed.

Best wishes


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Mini Oven

Who are you kidding with that "need to perfect placement" stuff, it's gorgeous!


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you are to kind!  If you look at the final photos in the blog, you'll notice the crown was not perfectly centered, and also the ends did not tie together, so it lifted up during baking.  Minor details, but still.... it's not that easy to make the braid stay in the loaf, it makes me appreciate the work of real bakers even more, they get all details just right!