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Shout out for Hambleton - winner of Britain's Best Bakery 2012

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Shout out for Hambleton - winner of Britain's Best Bakery 2012

I just wanted to give a shout out and doff my cap to Hambleton Bakery - winner of Britain's Best Bakery 2012.
The passion that these bakers show is truly inspiring.
They launched themselves with a beer balm loaf - the fermented top of a vat of beer scooped off and made into a starter.
I was encouraged to improve my own sourdough baking, and with the help of some fellow bakers I am slowly getting there.
If you could bottle the passion these people have for baking it would be like the finest champagne.

Hope its OK to list their website.

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What great breads and cakes that bakery makes!  Yum!  That fruit cake with the icing looks absolutely wicked.


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I picked them to win right from the first heat.  Innovative, inventive, completely calm and professional - brilliant stuff.  I liked the guys from Dunbar Community Bakery too and Broughton Village Bakery did extremely well, considering their inexperience, but their wedding cake was just cake covered in sugarpaste, then decorated with purchased, non-edible birds and ribbons.  The guys from Hambleton, on the other hand, painstakenly cut out and stuck on thousands of sugarpaste shapes - hats off to them.  I hope there's a second series in the pipeline!

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I'd just like to declare an interest, as I have acted as Consultant for the Dunbar Community Bakery throughout the year.   They are top people, and ross is a VERY talented Patissier.   The bread recipes were developed as part of my remit.

It was a really good TV series; Hambleton are great bakers too.

Best wishes