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Hello everyone!!  I was super excited to find this site!  Been wanting to find a "bread bakers home!!"  I am a busy mother to 5 adorable little boys!  I LOVE baking bread and have started a small business with it.  In the summer I bake every week for the local farmers market and have started quite a following!!  I need a new sourdough and ciabatta recipe.  Anyone have any suggestions??  The one I have is no good!  It's definately not sour enough!  Also I am looking at buying a new mixer.  My 4.5qt kitchenaid is too small!!  I was looking at the Cuisinart 7 qt mixer...anyone have any feedback on it?  Good or no good??  Thanks in advance and I look forward to searching is cool site!



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Welcome to TFL Abbie!

There's lots of sourdough and ciabatta recipes on this site. Just use the search box. 

Here's a popular ciabatta from the site:

Here's a good thread about making your sourdough more sour

As far as mixers go, you may want to research Bosch Universal or Magic Mill/Electrolux Assistent mixers, which both are made for home use but have significantly higher capacity. Some digging around TFL you'll find quite a few concerned with KA quality in newer models. I have a 5qt KA and it's served me well, but I know its limitations.