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oven spring inconsistency

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oven spring inconsistency

Hello all,

Recently I've been making our bread using a challah recipe.

I normally do one loaf at a time - maybe two. The recipe originally called for Sir Lancelot high gluten which I can't find. I use slightly yes bread flour with some vital wheat gluten. It gets kneaded by machine and I let it rise once before shaping and rising in the loaf pans.

My problem is that there are times it will bake normally and other times the oven spring is enormous. So much so that the top of the loaf rises off one side and my bread is lop-sided.

Usually when this happens, the loaf usually seems to be less structurally sound and will sag to one side.

I'm weighting everything. I'm timing my kneading. I'm using the same pans and letting the loaves rise to the same point.

I don't know what I'm screwing up. Any and all help would be appreciated.

Thank you,

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Sir Lancelot flour is available at King Arthur Flour, online. The shipping costs make it sort of expensive, but that's all I use in my starter. To offset the cost some, if you just order one bag, the shipping is high. If you order 2-3 bags at a time, the cost becomes way more reasonable as they use dollars spent instead of weights to determing the shipping charges. Hope you get more help with the rest of your problems. Jean

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It's hard to diagnose without pictures, but it sounds like your loaves are seriously underproofed.  When that's the case, you get enormous oven spring, which ususally includes the dough "blowing out" on one side (bottom, top or both).

A longer proof may be the answer.  Until you get accomplished at being able to look at and barely touch a loaf and know how proofed it is, the finger poke method is tried and true and safe.

Good luck,


PS - Try using King Arthur's Bread Flour. It's at the low end of high gluten, but with a higher protein content than bread flour.

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It is KA bread flour that I'm using, with some gluten added.

I will attempt the longer proof, but a gentle poke that leaves a bit of indentation has been my test...