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Bulk ferment

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Bulk ferment


I have a quick question. I'm leaving for 5 hrs and want to turn my house temp. down to 63F and have a bulk ferment happen for 5 .5 hrs.. Normally I bulk ferment at 72F for 3.5hrs. Will this work?

I am making pain au gruyere with a sourdough stater, 80% hydration, 300g ww and 700gAP, two loaves. 


Please help!!!!



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If your house temp is going to drop sufficiently to accomodate your timing/schedule, then I say go for it.

I can't say for certain that a 10F drop will buy you 2 more hours of fermentation time. If you haven't mixed your dough yet, you could buy more time by reducing the amount of starter in your recipe slightly. 

Here's another thought: Check this thread for a sourdough rise time table


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put it in the fridge while I was gone and then take it out when I got home just to make sure it didn't overproof.

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Mini Oven

or stick the dough protected in the garage or on a balcony while you're gone.  I don't think a house will cool down that fast.

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Hey, Thanks everyone! The 5.5 hr bulk ferment went very well. The Pain au gruyere is delicious!!!!