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Can I re-shape bread a second time?

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Can I re-shape bread a second time?

I left a loaf (Sourdough with durum flour) to rise overnight in a banneton on my windowsill (it was quite cold there), then turned it out to bake, and it smacked down onto the sheet and flattened. Can I re-shape it and stick it in the fridge to rise again? I mill my own flour and used my last sprouted durum, I really can't throw this dough away! I'm so upset! 

Perhaps i can knead in some more starter to make it rise again, or can I just re-shape it and put it in the fridge to rise again? 




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Mini Oven

and adding more starter won't help but maybe adding fresh flour will.  It's been 5 hrs, make up some fresh dough without starter and then mix the two doughs together.  You now have two loaves to shape and watch and bake at the same time.  Keep a careful watch as they will rise quickly.