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Hobart A200 spare parts in Germany or UK

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Hobart A200 spare parts in Germany or UK

I need to order a few spare parts for my A200, like gears and clutches etc. Does anyone have an online store available where I can order? Not looking for US shops.

Thank You in advance,

Mixerman in MUC

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worth trying First Choice Catering Spares, in Cannock. They are a main Hobart stockist... -  it is trade only though, as far as I know

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Hi Mixerman in MUC,

for the UK, I would approach the recognised Bakery Engineers; they all have good websites.   You should look up the following:

Brook Food; Belmont Engineering; Beckett Machinery and Norbake.   There are others if you draw a blank here, but I'd be very surprised if you cannot get what you need from either Brook or Belmont to be honest.

Best wishes