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Urgent Gift for my Mum! - Need advice choosing between 2 types of Danish Dough Whisk

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Cheshire CAT

Urgent Gift for my Mum! - Need advice choosing between 2 types of Danish Dough Whisk

Hiya, I'm looking to urgently a Danish Dough Whisk for my Mum's birthday. 

I'm in the UK, & so buying choice are limited (prices are generally way over the top). 

However, I've found these 2 whisks - but can't decide between them! 

This type: (the standard, more commonly available variant)


Or this type:


Do you believe one will be better than the other in terms of performance?

I would really apreaciate your advice, I'm looking to buy asap today (possibly tomorrow). 

Please help me!


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Mini Oven

I think the tiny loop might cause problems.  Haven't used either one yet.  :)

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Assuming that both are equally functional, I'd vouch for the second type - I've never seen that kind of design before, so it'll be more unique. I haven't used either type, so I'm not sure if one works better than the other. 

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I have the first type, and I use it from time to time, but I can't decide if it is really any more useful than a spoon or if it is just one of those things that people use becuase they think they should be, convincing themselves to ignore its disfunctionality ;-)

Between the two I would get the 2nd one, becuase it looks easier to clean than the first which is a bit of a pain (particularly in the crevice next to the small loop as observed by Mini Oven).



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Hello from California. I have the first type wisk and use it all the time. Very good to mix small amounts of dough and batters.. The small hole and crevice next to it does not cause problems at all. It washes very easily. HOWEVER, I would have purchased the second one if there had been a choice just because it looks like it would mix things easier and better. I like the look of it better. It may not be more functional than a spoon, but it's fun to use!

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I have two of the first type - had to open the center loop on one, using needle-nose pliers, just to make it easier to clean.

Use mine primarily for refreshing my levain.  For me, it does a much better job than a spoon.   Also use it to mix dry ingredients together before they go into my Bosch compact.

A terrific tool.

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Cheshire CAT

Thank you everyone for your replies. 

Cleaning isn't really a major concern.  Performance is the most important thing for me - I want it to mix & blend really well!

I'm leaning towards the second one, but am 'scared' as it's not the standard (common) design, & worried it won't be as good... (but it could even be better!)

My mum will mostly be mixing heavier doughs for roti (chapati), & naan, etc.  So; she'll likely have to finish off by hand? 
For those of you that have used Danish Dough Whisks, can they mix heavy / thick doughs?  Do you ever have to continue with your hands? 

I'll likely be buying tonight, or maybe tomorrow morning...


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She will definitely have to finish off by hand(no matter which type whisk and except "no knead" recipes, of course).

As was mentioned, these are not miracle workers. Maybe slightly more useful/faster than a spoon. For a stiffer dough(naan, tortilla, pizza, etc) you will still have to complete the kneading by hand. They seem to be the most useful with slacker(wetter) and/or batter type doughs.

At, the fellow has several/many videos of his whisk("common" type) at work. See/click on the "Breadmaking Videos" on the left side of the pages there. He seems to use his whisk in most of the videos.

Good luck.


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Video of the second type of whisk in action:

As noted above, this whisk is probably not the most useful for stiffer doughs. You could use it to initially bring the ingredients together, but you'll have to knead by hand the rest of the way. It may also come in handy for mixing loose preferments like a poolish. 



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Cheshire CAT

Thank you both for your replies.  

Firstly, nice catch on the video showing the 2nd type of whisk (although it does not show the full potential of the whisk, using only a thin dough mix). 

Yeah - I was expecting that thick doughs would have to be continued by hand... Thanks for confirming though. 

We'd recently tried using a (normal) whisk for the first time ever to initially mix the ingredients, & she was "shocked" to discover it blended better overall, & was easier than doing it by hand (even though it required continuation by hand). 

So; I decided then that I would research if any hand-held dough mixers existed - come forth the Danish Dough Whisk! 

A part of me is having second thoughts about buying one (I'm wondering if it would really be that much of an upgrade over a normal whisk, as most types of dough we'd make would have to be continued by hand anyway...).  
Your thoughts on this?

BUT I think I will buy one because you've all been so nice to give your opinions!  I wouldn't want to have wasted your time!  

I'm now also really leaning on buying the 2nd type. 

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I would think that the danish whisk is a definite upgrade over a conventional "balloon" whisk, which is annoying to clean because it's got so many wires and dough gets trapped inside. Don't feel obligated to buy a whisk if you don't think it's the right choice for your mother. We're glad to give our thoughts regardless of your decision :-)

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I don't see any functional differences between the two, so follow your heart. ;-)

The first, and I don't know about the other, comes in two  sizes. Choose the size that you think would most complement your mother's hands and strength. Even if you get the larger, and it's too big, she can hold the handle closer to the whisk.

I've been using the bread whisk for mixing dry ingredients before adding to the mixer, and usually for mixing batters. I always use it for mixing pre-ferments, from stiff bigas to poolishes, sweet or sour*.  There is no question in my mind that it beats the **** (fill in your favorite expletive) out of a spoon. Clean-up is a breeze; run wet fingers around the loops and rinse.



* For simplicity, I use these terms whether leavened with commercial yeast or my sourdough mother, distinguishing between the leavens as being sweet or sour.  ~gt

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Cheshire CAT

Okay! - I've gone ahead & ordered a Danish Dough Whisk!

(the 2nd type; from  
They had the fairest price; so they get me as a (hopefully repeat) customer.

Thank you everyone for your opinions - they really helped. 

I'll let you all know how I feel about it once it arrives (& we make various doughs!).  
(It could take a few weeks for me to update you guys, but I certainly will!). 

Thank you!


P.S.  I suddenly realise I'm so glad I decided to join this community to ask this question! 
I'm only just starting on my lifelong fantasy of baking!  And now I feel like I've stumbled upon a great friendly community & resource centered around  my favourite thing in the world - BREAD!  I really am grinning like a Cheshire CAT...

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available at

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Cheshire CAT

Well thank you for putting us off with that blantant ad. 

I mean if you were to expand on it & actually bring something to this discussion that a simply search would not have told us anyway, we'd maybe consider buying from there. 

It's also available from for much cheaper (half price of anywhere else in the UK).  Click on it - it's a direct link to the product on their site.  How's that for good marketing  See how much more useful it was...

Are you smiling now...?

yy's picture

I'm not sure it was a "blatant ad" - it may just have been a friendly tip to point you to a site that also carries what you're looking for. King arthur flour is based in the US, so it's not the optimal solution for TFLers across the pond. It's a reputable company here, and they advertise by legitimate means. Their reputation also means that they have a good customer following, many of whom frequent this website and may mention their name as a great resource.

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May I suggest, Cheshire Cat, that you go nibble on some holiday breads and enjoy the season!

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Sub-viral advertising ploy on TFL[?]...,  akin to email help requests from Nigeria...,



yy's picture

You're right - vigilance online is always a good idea. In this case, King Arthur Flour is a trusted vendor, eugenerella is a known account, and there wasn't anything too fishy about the post, so hopefully we won't be asked to rescue any Nigerian princes this time around.


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My first exposure to the Danish dough whisk was from the King Arthur catalogue.  It was a specialty item that I couldn't find anywhere else, and they touted its virtues in the catalogue.  The ones they sell are supposedly made specially for them as well.  I'm sure the other poster was only trying to be helpful by pointing out another source that the OP could research.

I use my whisk (like version 1 in the OP) as a way to do the initial "combine until you have a shaggy mass" mixing.  After that, everything is hand kneaded using stretch/fold or slap/fold.  The whisk is very easy to clean and does a great job.



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Cheshire CAT

It's just that I've stated I've gone ahead & purchased already, so it show's that helping me wasn't the point of that post - nor was there any language aimed at me.  Meaning that none of the messages prior have been read. 

I understand it could be helping others, but then why not list other sellers too?  Then it would be fair, & be genuine caring help.

There's a reason KingArthurFlour seems to make more sales for the whisk - they do have what seems like a quality product - but they're also monopolising in a sense, & not really giving other sellers a chance.  

Now business is business, so I'm okay with advertising, but am I to understand that absolutely nobody has a problem with advertising like this, in such a robotic, emotionless manner?  It just seems cold & uncaring, just herding the sheep.  It really brings the company's image down in my eyes.  Just trying to pull everyone to them, but without even the respect to treat us like people.  

Well, thank you eugenerella - if you really meant to help (in which case I'm sorry).  Update: I've just checked out some of your other (verbose) posts - you really are a human being! (& not a robot).  So I guess you were trying to help & aren't on their payroll...  Thank you  ^_^

Anyway - I've eaten 4 bagels today.  *GRIN*

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Cheshire CAT, I hope those bagels haven't sent you into a carbohydrate-induced hysteria :-) Your profile pic suggests that your'e quite a colorful character, and it'll be entertaining to hear about your baking adventures.

There is occasionally blatant robotic advertising on TFL, but Floyd, the founder, does a great job of maintaining the site. It's a great community - just enjoy yourself!

I don't believe there was any advertising in this thread. Sometimes people just read and respond to the original post, so eugenerella may not have known that you had already made a purchase. I must also defend King Arthur Flour, because they have given me excellent customer service, and I have never known them to spam unwitting net-surfers.

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To Quote Cheshire Cat:   " you've picked up a bit of an attitude, still curious and {not} willing to learn, I hope"

I offer the following reply  in response to those verbose with penchant for prose, and unlike the first ill advised post was made in sincerest haste waiting for red to turn  green!

I thank my fellow Yanks

Who offered to take my back

But those from across the Pond

With whom I'll remain not overly fond !

I wish you well and I trust your Mum will enjoy the whisk as much as I have in as much I bought it from KAF well over a decade ago. Perhaps when I visit my son and his English wife in Manchester, we can share a warm beer and discuss good ole King George III who used to say "auf Wiederhören mein freund".

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Cheshire CAT

Hey - sorry, I was a bit grumpy.  All there is to say really.

Thanks for the advice.


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We're cool, I like to bust chops.