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Hello from North East England

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Hello from North East England

Hi from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK.

I found this site when I was looking for some tips on making some onion rolls for my packed lunches next week.

Thank you whoever recommended toasting the dehydrated onion flakes, it gave the rolls just the right look and improved the flavour. Now to see if I can resist eating them all before next week.

Just tried to upload a picture of the rolls but not sure how to do it.

Looking forward to getting to know a few folk on here and finding out how to make great bread.



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Hi Hils,

Welcome to TFL; I live near Alnwick, in Northumberland, at Powburn.

If you click on the FAQs tab on the top bar you will find that Floyd [our site administrator] has listed some instructions how to upload photos.   I use Flickr and paste my photos into the text using html.   I believe there are other ways besides this.

We look forward to seeing photographs in your future posts.

Best wishes