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An "ear" worth an eye

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An "ear" worth an eye

Since baking my first yeasted bread last thanksgiving, I've been hooked. Making a sourdough has been the biggest challenge and after several dozen loaves I finally have one I just have to share. The recipe was from the BBA with 4.5 oz of whole wheat in the KA bread flour. The other items are cinnamon raisin bagels and kaiser rolls.

The only thing I did different this time was to bake directly on a baking stone rather than on a sheet pan, though it doesn't seem like it should make that big of a difference. Does anyone have a secret to share to get the ear to bloom?

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Nice job. Beautiful rise on that loaf of bread. Wish I could see the bagels and kaiser rolls better. Sorry I can't help with the bloom but I think it looks great.                      weavershouse

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Very nice bread. As far as blooming "ears" try cutting deeper and cutting at an angle instead of straight up and down and then mabye open them a little gently of course.

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staff of life

Are the ones made by a curved lame at an angle.  Do you have one at your disposal?  If not, look at one of my previous posts about cheap bannetons.  That website also has curved lames (they looked curved to me) at a much lower price than what I paid!