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Salt and pepper loaf- just a glaze?

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Salt and pepper loaf- just a glaze?

Hi guys, been a painfully long time since I posted on these forums! Hope you are all well.

Anyway, I recently tried a salt and pepper loaf from a well known supermarket and was pleasently surprised at how nice it was. So have decided to dive back into some bread making and try and create something similiar using my own recipe.

I understand that unless you have tried the bread you may not know the answer to this- but I am wondering if the salt and pepper loaf is purely a glaze affair, or if any salt and pepper (outside of the usual salt I would use for making bread) would indeed be added to the mix its self? As I say, I understand if you are not familiar with the bread I am talking about it may be hard to know the answer to this, but any experiance/recipes you guys have based on similar loafs would also be hugely welcomed.

This will be my first venture into anything outside of standard bread (not a huge leap I know) to be honest, so really appreciate any help people can throw my way.

Many thanks,

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Mini Oven

Don't be afraid to try the many varieties of pepper.  You can also find a variety of recipes that vary from adding one teaspoon to a tablespoon per loaf.  Take your favorite loaf and add pepper.  Spice up your sandwiches for sure!  

You've given me a great idea for a super fine black pepper I have.  Once it's in the bread, it can't make me sneeze!  I've noticed that pepper bread does tend to get stronger as the bread ages.  I love it for ham & cheese and BLTs.  Cucumber sandwiches will never be the same!  Toasted really gives it a kick!

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Thanks for replying.

Glad my topic has given some inspiration, although it sounds like you already have a great deal of experiance on the subject!

I have no idea with peppers really. My tastes are so bland usually,not even stretching as far as pepper. For some reason the salt and pepper loaf really appealed to my taste buds. So even judging the peppers and salts to use is a step I am not entirely ready for!

Looking at coarse salt and pepper to start with on the glaze, and possibly bunging in a bit of pepper and sea salt to the mix and seeing where it takes me.

Appreciate your input on this one, and toasting it sounds like a brilliant idea.

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Mini Oven

Hello taste buds!

                         Awake and rise!                      

                                                 Let the experiments begin!

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Sean McFarlane

I Like to used cracked pepper in a loaf, i find the finer grinds to be too overwhelming.

As for adding exra salt, you could just spray some water on top after you score the loaf and sprinkle some corase salt onto it.

Have fun!

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I use cracked black pepper and rosemary to flavour black olive bread. It makes a great cheese sandwich either toasted or cold.