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Stollen from Santa Claus!

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Stollen from Santa Claus!

I am posting for this for my creative sister Barbra.
Santa Claus made an early delivery because the Stollens from last month are but a memory. Since there was no time to really age the more traditional type, they are from the easy recipe from Good Housekeeping archives.

Greedybread has inspired two more breads for this week plus our Chanukah challenge of Yeast Raised Donuts. Looks like a great floury week coming up!
Happy Holiday Baking to you all!
Diane (Barbra's apprentice) 

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keep them stollen rollin'_______ I'd say something besides Rawhide but I can't come up with anything catchy that has to do with raw dough skin :-)

So did you put your famous, at least with me, lemon sugar glaze on this one?  It looks great with Santa hanging out waiting for his Christmas Eve late night bite! I've got one still aging but I'm guessing it will be green in a couple of more weeks.  It hit 84F just a couple of days ago and has been in the 70's every day since it went into the Stollen Lock Box - that also doesn't have a lock in it like SS :-)

Nice stollen baking Barbara!

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"Stollen Stollen Stollen, get that coffee boilin'," ......and there I too am stumped for something that goes with the "in"  It was a great theme song though, crack of the whip and all!

I made a thicker glaze than usual and tried to make stripey drizzles back and forth. By the time I figured out the trick is to run off the loaf and then come back, it was already kind of messy. I stashed one in an unheated room which is probably too warm so it may be in there happily growing mold too. I think you're supposed to wait to glaze the aged one, oops. The porch would have it freezing and thawing every day so I wrapped it in foil and then sealed it in a ziploc bag.

Today I'm going to attempt baking a Mataloc. Don't think I've seen one before but a bread made with dried figs, raisins, hazelnuts and pecans has to be good, right?

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Since sugar is a vary fine preservative, along with salt, and one readily used before folks chose chemicals instead, I'm guessing if you want stollen not to turn green it would be much better keeping with a good coat of sugar on it.    Which is why I am so worried about mine - I didn't sugar it !!  I guess we will find out which is better for keeping stollen before we come up with the right word to cap off our stollen, stollen, stollen songs!  I know for sure that yours at two weeks will have a better chance of not being green than mine at 6 weeks though :-)

I saw a post for Mataloc recently and it sparked my interest to try and find hazelnuts already shelled but I had to settle for the ones in the shell.  Odd what TFL posts will do for your grocery shopping and baking schedule :-)

I see you gals did some donut making too!  Will get on to that post soon. 

Happy Holidays to you and yours!

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I didn't realize that sugar was a preservative. (Maybe because things with sugar around here never last long enough to need preserving!) Maybe that is why some of the traitional stollens are cooled and then rolled in one or the other types of sugar?

I have a half cup bag of hazelnuts from Safeway in the freezer. I couldn't find any at all when I shopped so I will use more walnuts along with them. I will wait on the Gubana though until I find them. It would make a lovely New Year's Bread. The Mataloc recipe on TFL is pretty much the same as in my old Carol Field's book with added butter and much more explanation of the process, which I find nice when trying something new. I love Field's recipes but I still can't believe that Gubana was the first one I tried. It was so good that I've  made it almost every year since.

Wishing you Happy Holidays with lots of family gathered around and enjoying all those great things you and your ever loyal assistant will be baking for them

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Juergen Krauss

is one of the very best things I ever tasted, right there in Cividale di Friuli, 15 years ago. They make and sell it actually all year round. 

There is one specific road in Cividale, bakery next to bakery, you walk through and get drunk from the smell of Gubana and all those spirits ...

What a terrific bread to celebrate New Year!

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but its an excellent wound doctor. You put straight sugar on a wound and it keeps it from going putrid! My mother used soap (shaved from a bar of sunlight) and sugar on things that needed poultices (slivers, rose briars, and other like things) with a bandage overnight and the next morning voila the pus and sliver were sucked out! The wound healed up just great!