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For Sale-- Electrolux Magic Mill Assistent with both bowls and all original attachments

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Cheken Farmer

For Sale-- Electrolux Magic Mill Assistent with both bowls and all original attachments

Asking $350 + shipping; the machine is in northern Colorado, USA. I loved this machine until I got my used Hobart, and now I never use it. It has been absolutely reliable. I've only used it for bread. Happy to answer any questions, and will listen to reasonable offers. Thanks!

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Hi, do you know which model it is?  I think the newer ones have a larger motor (600W vs. 450W), but I'm not sure if this matters.  Can you post a photo of it?  Thanks.



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My questions are along the same lines...How old is the machine and how often was it used for bread baking?  From whom did your purchase the machine originally?  


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Cheken Farmer

Hello. I sure can post photos.  The machine was purchased new through King Arthur. Model number is DLX2000, serial 0180045, 450 Watt motor. It was used on average 10-15 times/year for most of its life, and not at all for the last 2 years, after it was retired by the big Hobart.  I am not sure exactly when I bought it, but at least 12 years ago.  Working on pictures, but it's straight with no tattoos or trauma.

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Good Morning~

I assume the Assistent is gone....please correct me if I am mistaken.  Next question:  The big Hobart.  I have been following these on E-Bay, restaurant equipment auctions, a few places that seem to specialize in refurbishing & reselling used ones.  The demans is STRONG and prices felt high.  Could you share your purchase experience with me in as much detail as you are willing to type?

Thank you

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Cheken Farmer

Hello. It is not gone-- I got very busy over the holidays, and folks were waiting on pictures. I can see it right now, but that really doesn't help anyone else! It is still sitting here with all its attachments.

I lucked into my Hobart. It had been knocked off a counter in a local restaurant, and the housing was broken. They got a quote of $1400 to repair, so they put it in craigslist for $400. By then, it also needed the motor rebuilt. Fortunately for me, my neighbor is a welder (he actually had to braze the housing, since it's cast iron), my boyfriend is a rebuilder of motors, and they both love bagels. So for $400 and a lifetime supply of bagels, I got my Hobart repaired. Then we had to get it into the kitchen, and I had to remove a cabinet to get it onto the counter-- It's a beast, so add some ibuprofen to my costs.  

The ones in good working order were out of my price range as well. I was extremely lucky to be surrounded by highly competent bagel lovers. It runs beautifully now, and I am very very happy with it.

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Did you sell this?  If it's still available I'm interested.  Which attatchments does it come with?  I know which attatchments the new ones have but I'm not familiar with the various models and what they came with.  Thanks!  

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Cheken Farmer

Yes, it's sold. Good luck in your search!