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Easy Bread For Newbies Like Me

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Easy Bread For Newbies Like Me

I am a true NEWBIE to the bread baking world, but I found a simple and easy recipe for people like me.  I believe by starting off with something like this it gives people with less expierience (like ME) gain confidence.  By trying something simple and almost fail proof then we can go on to other more challenging breads.

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I checked out your suggested video.  Clearly there's a decent white loaf easily made from that recipe.  If you want to know what you're doing when you make that bread and learn lots more, it's always my suggestion that you learn from an expert.  The maker of that video himself tells you that he's not one.  I suggest that you learn from a bread baking text book, not a bread baking cook book.  Texts are specifically written for people who want to learn from the bottom up.  I specifically recommend DiMuzio's Bread Baking.  It is short, inexpensive, and full of information which will explain what you need to know.  It also has exercises which make things more clear.