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Second try

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Second try


Well here they are my next batch of sourdough.

This is from yesterdays prep and baked this morning.  Dough was much more wet, although like last time I just eyed it and improvised. I did use the S&F method though having learned that here in my browsing, MUCH easier to work with the wet dough. Neighbor has gotten some of my starter, being inspired by all this fun

The Boule

The Loaf

Crumb... saving the boule, Wife wants to make a spinach artichoke dip for it


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In a word  -  beautiful.  Congrats .....

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Very nice holes!  Looks delicious.

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TY both for the encouragement, It was indeed delicious wife and I killed of about 2/3's of the loaf in a breadnivorous frenzy