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Ooops; What Salt?

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Ooops; What Salt?

Found about 16 ounces of poolish in the fridge this morning that needed to be used so I grabbed some KA and AP flour and went to work on something that resembled a french bread formula.  Except to say that my dough degraded into a batter (I know I measured the water; didn't I?) everything else was going fine.  The amount of flour needed to bring it all back into something I could work into a window pane was far more than I might have imagined but I made the adjustments and moved forward.

Nice initial rise, nice second rise. Two good looking loaves.  Shaped the loaves and popped them into a nice hot oven.  I was all smiles with the first slices.  Nice even crumb, fantastic texture and a wonderfully crisp crust.  Flavor?  Oh, yes, flavor.  Well, when you increase flour you must also consider increasing the salt.  That was my failure.  Salt, in the end, must have been somewhere below .5%.

Looks like we may enjoy a strata for dinner tomorrow night.


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Wandering Bread

I do stuff like that all the time. Just call it Tuscan bread, they don't use any salt at all! You did it on purpose!

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Eat it Russain style, bread served with salt?

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Mini Oven

laced with threads of browned garlic...

                                                                ...with the bread.   

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That's the nice thing about bread, that you can still find a purpose for it even if it didn't turn out quite right.  I once forgot the salt completely.  I don't think I will ever do that again (yuck!), but if I do I can always turn it into another bag of croutons.  *grin*

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Did the same thing. Produced two gorgeous loaves. Perfect in every way but one. They were inedible.