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Oaty Multi-Grain Loaf

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Oaty Multi-Grain Loaf

It hit me over this last weekend...why the hell am I still buying sandwich bread at the store? So I decided to make something up, inspired by a few posts on this blog


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Song Of The Baker

No photos?  Description?  Give some goods :)


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Oops! Posted that preemptively. Here's the goods:

bread flour 350g

whole wheat flour 50g

cornmeal 25g

oat flour 30g

pre-soaked steel cut oats 113g

rolled oats 30g

flax seed 15g

sunflower seed 35g

active dry yeast 5g

honey 40g

water 55g

buttermilk 249g (1 cup)

salt 8g

I started out by proofing the yeast in 55g warm water with a little sprinkle of sugar (like my mom always did), then pretty much just dumped all the other ingredients into the bowl and mixed with my hands until it came together. I kneeded it for about 5 minutes, adding AP flour as necessary, then set it in a covered bowl lubed with a little vegetable oil.

I kneeded briefly in the bowl twice during a pretty long rise, once after 1.5 hours and again 40 min after that (the rise was longer then I expected, maybe because I used such little yeast – I had planned to use 10g, but ran out!). After another 20 min (2.5 hours total in the bowl), I shaped the loaf and placed it in an oiled loaf pan.

I let the loaf rise in the pan until it touched all the sides and rose above the rim (about 1 hour 20 min). Then I brushed the top with melted butter, sprinkled on some more rolled oats, and slit it down the middle.

I baked at 350F for about 50 minutes. All the oats slid off the top of the loaf and burned in the bottom of my oven, but baking was otherwise without incident (if anyone has any suggestions for keeping toppings on a loaf, please let me know…milk? Egg wash? Cream?)

It turned out so delicious! I might add a little less of the steel cut oats next time, and a little more yeast, but I’ll definitely make this one again.

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Song Of The Baker

Nicely done!  That's one helluva sheen you got on that crumb.  Perfect soft whole grain sandwhich bread.


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I usually beat an egg with 1 TBSP water and brush it on the top of the loaf with a pastry or silicone brush and then top with the oats and pat them ever so lightly into the top of the loaf.  I sometimes also run the egg wash lightly over the loaf again.  You have to be sure (if you are baking in loaf pans) that you grease and flour the loaf pans well, or any egg wash that gets into the pan will make the loaf hard to extract once baked.  If you are baking on a sheet pan, place some parchment paper on the sheet pan, then place the loaf on the pan and add the oats and egg wash.

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I will give that a try, thanks!


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That looks one helluva tasty sandwich loaf!

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oat bread,  I have to admit that I am a sucker for oat bread.  A little potato flakes and oats ground into flour are a good addition to any recipe of you ask me.  Both make bread rise better too and I don't know why but it is sure true.  Your bread looks tasty!

Nice baking,