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freezig sweet dough

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freezig sweet dough

I am really having trouble with my frozen sweet doughs. They don't rise well after defrosting!  I like to have frozen sweet dough on hand to make cinnamon rolls, sweet buns etc more easily.  So I make a double or triple batch, let it rise once, divide it into batches, then put it in my freezer-only (no defrost cycle) in gallon freezer bags- no air left inside.  Then I defrost in the fridge when I want to use it, shape it and let it rise.  But it BARELY rises at all!  I use instant yeast (NOT rapid rise) most of the time and I give it plenty of time to rise- no go.  very frustating.  Can my freezer be too cold?  Is active rather than instant yeast better?  Does this process just really not work well with sweet doughs?  I would love to hear your ideas!

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The rule of thumb is to double the amount of yeast if you plan to freeze the dough.

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I'm not sure what space limitations your freezer has, but it's pretty simple to make a roll up of cinnamon buns and either cut them and place them in pans and freeze them, or, if space is at a premium to just roll up the dough with its filling and wrap in plastic and freeze.  You then only need to pull the buns out the night before (if in a pan) to defrost and proof for the following morning, or if you've shaped a filled roll, to let it defrost in the fridge overnight and then cut, place in pans and allow to proof the next day.

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as suave already indicated, yeast dies off in the freezer. A few days are usually fine, much longer will result in what you described. Increasing the amount of yeast is one way of dealing with it (you can test how much yeast for X days of freezing). As far as I know osmotolerant yeast (like SAF GOLD) has a better survival rate when frozen, so that might be worth trying out as well.