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You WILL love these...Look into my eyes!!

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You WILL love these...Look into my eyes!!

ha ha ,, just kidding:)

They sure puff up heaps for a flat bread.

Mmmmm Flatbreads

For a recipe with bugger all in it, they taste scrummy.

I have to say that dipped in Olive oil and lightly salted would be sublime.

Mmmm and it is a fabulous, fabulous base recipe to make many other weird and wonderful flat bread/ stuffed bread recipes.

Plus you would be SO SO SO proud as I slipped in the WHOLEMEAL again!!!

Chilli, my fav!!

I made this gorgeous chilli con carne but wanted a little something with it, that complimented it, but not overwhelmed the chilli.

Jamie Oliver had a nice Navajo flatbread recipe but I felt it was missing something….

Sorry that sounds arsey but you know what I mean…It wasn’t quite what I wanted.

Then I found this and tweaked it a little to reflect using wholemeal flour, hence a little more butter, yeast and liquid.

Rip into them:)

What do you need?

2.5 cups of strong bakers flour

1.5 cups of wholemeal flour

15 g dried yeast

Pinch salt

50 g melted butter

320 mls warm water

1 tsp sugar.

Ready to roll

What to do, what to do ?????

Combine flours and salt.

Warm water and mix in sugar and then dried yeast, allow to stand 10 minutes until frothy.

Melt butter and cool a little.

Pour butter into dry ingredients with yeasty mix.

Combine well and knead until smooth and elastic for 5-8 minutes.

Place in oiled bowl and cover, I left this for 2 hours as once again wholemeal can require more time:)


Place dough on lightly floured board/ bench and cut dough into 15-20 pieces.

Roll into balls and then roll out into flatbread shapes.

Heat frypan/ skillet/ bbq to quite a high heat.


I used our big electric frypan this time and had it on 6-7 (goes to ten) and then turned it up to 8-9 later on.

Grease well, but not dripping as it’s NOT fry bread.

I had to do 4-5 at a time but if you have a big BBQ, then it will all fit:)

But if you use a smaller pan like me, turn on the oven as below to put the done ones in while you cook the rest.

Turn oven onto 150 celsius and get baking tray ready

Toss bread into frypan (watch it puff up) and( allow 3-5 minutes each side) then turn over and cook until browned.

If you need to, put cooked ones in the oven to stay hot….

Continue until all cooked.

ready to bake!!


puffing up!!

These were gone seriously, in 10 minutes…Greedyboys LOVED them…

definitely yummy yum yum…

dip it in the chilli!

You could use these to accompany anything you liked.

You can as Nigel Slater suggests in his recipe, stuff them before hand.

You could also use it to make mini Calzones as my son suggested, stuffed with sausage and cheese…….

You could use them to scoop up stewed fruits, perhaps adding a little more sugar and then spices in the recipe…

Roll them up with spiced meats and salad…

But you can use it for chilli, stew, mince, soup, goulash and much much more…

They are ALMOST too good !!

It’s like they say, SIMPLE, SIMPLE, SIMPLE!!



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Song Of The Baker

Haha.  I feel horrible that no one has posted a reply to your post, especially with such alluring wording!  Was I the only fool drawn in by your tempting title??

Eitherway, I am glad I did.  You have inspired me to try making flat bread for the first time. No, wait.  I have made flat bread before.  Indian roti.

Nice flat breads, and sneeky posting :)


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they are really tasty too and easy!!

Another one, i will post soon was just flour and yoghurt, a friend was telling me about it...have to test it first:)

will let you all know..

but i would like to see what everyone else is eatig with their chili...

I will be posting a cornbread recipe too but its always good to see what other eat...

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they look awesome, I have always wanted to try doing this, now I am inspired. I would like to make A Naan type bread for some Indian dishes we like to make here.

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Song Of The Baker

Naan is difficult to make authentic tasting without an actual tandoor oven.  If anyone has found a way to make authentic tasting naan from home, please let me know!  I am not holding my breath as I have had many indian neighbours over the years and have received many great recipes, but none for naan due to the baking process on the side of the tandoor.  I have tried sticking the dough to the inside wall hood of my bbq grill, with horrible results.  Apperently some indian families here have learned how to do this, but I still have yet to learn.


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With ya there, John. A bit like wood-fired pizzas, I guess - you just can't get that delectable smoky flavour and quality of a tandoor-baked naan in a domestic oven. At least, I've never managed it. No doubt the folk with wood-fired ovens have, though.

That's why I settle for chapatis or puris at home - or when feeling lazy, supermarket papadums (so easy: 1 minute in the microwave, lower fat, and just about as good as those served up in Indian restaurants).


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Song Of The Baker

Uh oh...when I typed the word 'authentic' I did think about you Ross.

Glad you agree :)

Oh, and papadums...yum...low in fat but high in sodium!  Sodium is my weakness...


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me too, i would like to try making it  and roti as well............and 100's of others...

let me know if it goes well..

I know someone with a big outside pizza type oven and he reckons, they would come up a treat in there...similar i suppose to tne tandoori ovens..

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I actually saw an episode of  I think it was "Primal Grill" with Steve Reichlan where he had a portable tandoor oven but I believe it was extremely expensive.

I got a good chuckle picturing you trying to stick your dough to the inside of your BBQ :).

How hot is the tandoor supposed to be I wonder?  I can get my charcoal kettle Weber grill to over 800 degrees with an attachment I have so maybe it might work for this.

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Song Of The Baker

The heat is not so important from what I hear.  800 would sure as hell do the trick.  It's the whole getting them to stick and stay stuck to the inside wall.  The main problem is you have to shut the grill lid.  That's the whole issue.  You have no idea what's going on in there till you open it.  You open it, then it disrupts the dough, and they fall off - unless they were already disrupted in the shutting of the lid and fell onto the grill floor.

Thankfully, we have the largest per capita Indian communities here in the Vancouver area, outside of India, and we can grab freshly baked naan almost hourly from many corners of this city.  Much less headache.  If you find a way, let me know your trick :)


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who runs a resturant locally said they looked into getting a tandoor oven for it, but it would have cost as much as the rest of the kitchen! So she cooks her Naan in the deep fryer! It was deluxe, she said that she tried it out on relatives direct from India and they said it was perfect! So who knows, at least it was delicious to me and my daughter!

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***Blushing now*** Hope you all enjoy them...

Very versatile and my greedyboys eat them and BELIEVE me, these boys are fussy but they munch through them..