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Help - spare biga! What to do - pref sweet?

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Help - spare biga! What to do - pref sweet?

Help - any ideas please?

My other half has got interested in bread (I tend to do most of the bread, sourdough mainly) - but he hasn't quite yet "got it" about recipes etc.  We have around 550g of biga gradually growing - and his recipe only needs 200g (he hasn't spotted this, and I don't want to make any more "suggestions"!!)...

I've already got a brown loaf underway so with his loaf, we are breaded out for the week - any suggestions please on what I can do with 300g of biga (yeasted)?  I'm thinking of either breakfast type things or afternoon type things, or things (sweet probably) that he can take to work to go with coffee mid=morning - any suggestions?

many thanks!!

(and yes, bless, he did decide to make the biga and only then decided to try to find a recipe :-) )

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What would you think about creaming together about 75 grams of shortening, a teaspoon of salt and 100 grams of sugar and combining that with 30 grams of powdered milk and a large egg the adding your biga (you may have to add a small amount of yeast, depending on how much you already have in theyeated biga) and working it all together with the paddle on your stand mixer; adding water/four as needed to create a somewhat firm but slightly sticky dough.

After letting that rest for an hour or so, roll it out into a sheet and sprinkle with cinnamon, sugar, raisins, etc. and roll it up before cutting it into rounds.  Then let those raise a while, bake at about 350 degrees until golden and glaze on removal from the oven.

I just used you 250 grams of biga as a basis and the ingredient calculations are VERY rough but it's not difficult to make adjustments as you go if you've been baking for any length of time.


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Double wrap in plastic wrap (maybe divide into portions first) and freeze it. Will keep at least 3 months. Gives you plenty of time to decide what you want to use it for. When you've decided, defrost what you need (still wrapped) overnight in the refrigerator.

I do it all the time. Works fine. You may want to try it.