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Questions on Tea Yeast

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Questions on Tea Yeast

I stopped baking with YW after too many loaves were severely under prooved, despite looking to the contrary-- They would be pale and shiny on the exterior and then I would have those dreaded worm tunnels just streaking within my mockery of a loaf. So I have been using SD--but I like variation, I do, and I miss the YW, but am afraid to waste any flour on some dense swiss cheese loaf again. Has anyone just let their YW bread proof overnight on the counter at room temp or cooler? I think that is the only way I can do it until summer rears its head here again, it was then that my YW bread was mixed and baked in about 4-5 hours time, quick!, for me anyways.

Also- I have been raising a little Kombucha SCOBY for a year now, there is quite a bit of carbonation in kombucha, could one replace the water in a bread recipe with kombucha or make starter builds with it? Has anyone tried? It is pretty much just tea water, eh? Not sure about how sweet the bread would taste though..

Any thoughts on the matter? Thanks!