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Two great articles to read

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Two great articles to read

I found these two great articles this morning and I thought they would spark up some great conversation.  Any thoughts?

 - Microzap technology effectively micowaves bread to remove mold spores, increasing shelf-life to 60 days.  The company says it would reduce the amount of additives in commercially available bread, decrease waste and save money.

- Although this story is written using British statistics, I think it is applicable in the US as well.  Is the general public losing touch with the bread machine process?  Do they no longer value "factory bread"?  Does this mean that artisan bakers and small-scale commerical operations have a fighting chance?  When does a small-scale operation become a "factory"?  How does a small-scale operation balance quality and volume?



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>>Is the general public losing touch with the bread machine process?  Do they no longer value "factory bread"? 

Based on what has happened recently with Hostess (makers of Wonder Bread), I would say tastes have changed over time. According to a Salon article, in 2009 whole wheat bread sales topped white bread sales for the first time. 


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I am way late with this comment, but can say that microwaving the bread is an interesting idea, not too sure I want to eat 60 day old bread but it would work.

As to the fact that people throw away good food in tons, I suspect a lot of it is the best before date that has become totally ubiqutous in the extreme, did you know candy now has it? I have eaten candy that was three years old, its fine didn't have any bugs or mould and didn't kill me.

I have a pen freind in England, she goes through her cupboards and throws out things because they are past their best by date, things like flour and oats and so forth, I have stuff in my cupboards that is older than God! Its fine, I always give it a taste or sniff before I use it! Its all in the mind set, people think its bad after the best by date on the package, and it isn't, they don't store in larder bettle proof containers, and think the date stamped on the package is the word of whatever authority there is.

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Why don't they irradiate it? Irradiated food will not even rot.Dead bread is dead bread, no energy no life in it not worth eating. Just like everything processed to death no life for living.  Did you know when you breath in air your body extracts oxygen from it  and then only takes 1 electron from the  oxygen and then expels it. If the food is dead what energy can the body extract to keep it alive.

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When you bake bread you put your heart, your energy and your love into it. I am sure that it is one of the best things you can eat even if it is not perfect for what really is perfect. I grow my own fruits and vegetables and nothing tastes so wonderful and not one is absolutely perfect but boy are the good, no pesticide fungicide or herbicides just sometimes bug bitten or as I say pretested food, the bug did not die from it.