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Christmas Goodies

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Christmas Goodies

This has got to be unbelievably good.   Found on Pinterest.


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MY EYES! HOW THEY BURN WITH TEMPTATION! That looks ridiculously good, and now I'm going to have to try it. Thanks for sharing.

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see this turning into Stacked Lofian Cinnamon Rolls....eeerrrr....slices,  with snockered dried fruits, nuts, chocolate chips ....just to make it more Holiday Festive and Fattening  Where is my elf...?

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I have made this! It is fun and ith fresh ground cinnamon it will knock your sweettoth into heaven
I use my go to sourdough sweet dough to make it

Pecans ground with brown sugar fits in there well

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I have made Flo Braker's lemon version of this, it was great.  This version looks good, too!

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and Pecans, yummmmmm   :)

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KAF has had a version with added apples. It's been on my to-bake list all fall.

They use Instant Clear Jel, a specific product, which you may be able to get from your local cake decorating store, if you have such a thing around. (That's where I found it after much searching. It's incredibly expensive online, because it's a commercial product and resellers buy the 50# package and break it down and mark it up!) KAF sells it, of course.

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Looks like a variant of that delightful confection monkey bread. 

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I have made this.  Fun to do and my daughter loved it.  Son prefers the cinnamon swirled in a regular I get to choose how to go.

 Yes, lots of other goodies can be tossed into the layers.  Baking it in a loaf pan keeps it all contained.  

I made it with my sourdough starter and whole wheat flour and it was great :-)


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A long time ago, but my gosh it was delicious!

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late than never right? I had computer problems and then went right into Xmas, so didn't get a chance to be on the computer after it was fixed, so am way behind on my reading.

Since my daughter has finally decided to become a mother, she went overboard and is expecting twins! This bread looks to be wonderfully fabulous and shall just have to try it out. DH of course is a cinnamon toast freak, loves cinnamon and has passed that on to his daughter so I have two of them to contend with and a son in law that is as bad, so it won't last long I'm sure.

I can see things like pecans, and other delicious bites being added to this for sure!