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New sourdough adventures?

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New sourdough adventures?

I've been yeast baking for a few years, but only recently have started to bake entirely without commercial yeast.  (I got a starter for free, by the way, from this website - I might offend some people by not using a homemade one, but I'm still a rookie!)  My first few loaves have turned out really well, with particularly impressive oven spring.  A big shout out to Susan from San Diego's magic bowl technique for helping out with keeping the crust moist!  An inverted stand mixer bowl does the trick for me.  :)

I'm never satisfied with making the same thing over and over again, and so I'm wondering if any of the more seasoned veterans here have ideas for what a newbie should try after his first few successful loaves of sourdough.  I have white whole wheat on hand (KAF), as well as some semolina and flaxseed.  I don't have any spelt right now, although we usually have it in the house and so any suggestions on using that would be welcome.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions!  I'm gonna go take the most recent effort out of the oven.


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Bohemian Mama

I made a wedding cake today,  there was enough leftover to be used, but not enough for a full cake, so I mixed some starter with it and popped in muffin pans. they rose beautifully while the wedding cake was cooking (it is  rather warm here in australia in any event) and  they cooked into wonderfully light rich tasting but without the usual cakey stodge.

I was well impressed.