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you bake bread


Does anyone think adding yeast sugar and water together before starter is a good thing

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I got turned on to instant yeast here, and haven't looked back. Fewer steps in the process, and not having to sweat over the temperatures to activate yeast.



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Not sure if I understand your question, but if you are mixing a sourdough bread (wheat), commercial yeast is not used.  Your levain (starter) does all the work of raising and flavoring the bread.      

If you are using commercial instant yeast, there's no need to add water to it.  Instant yeast is formulated so that it is added to the dry ingredients.    On the other hand, active dry yeast is "supposed" to be activated (or proofed) with warm water before using it.  I've also read that proofing the yeast is not necessary if the expiration date is some time into the future.   

If your recipe calls for sugar, mixed your dry ingredients together then add the water.

Hope this helps - sorry your question was overlooked, and welcome to TFL!