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a big thank you to Janetcook and dabrownman

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a big thank you to Janetcook and dabrownman

After help and guidance from Janetcook and dabrownman with my starter and baking I have now adopted some procedures to follow in maintaining my starter, building the starter and baking. As a believer in not plagiarising others hard work a thought I would share what I am now doing and salute the guide behind the advice.

To maintain my starter I have adopted the following from dabrownman:

10 g               STARTER AT 60%      50 g
20 g               WATER                          6 g
20 g               FLOUR                        24 g
50 g               TOTAL                         80 g

Take 10g of 60% hydro starter add 20g of flour and 20g of water and let it double at 90% hydration AT 70f

Then add 6g of water and 24g of flour to it and then refrigerating it at 80grams total and 60% hydration.


to build the starter i use the adviece from Janetcook:
5 g                   STARTER          30 g
10 g                WATER              60 g
15 g                FLOUR               90 g
30 g                TOTAL             180 g

Take 5g of stored starter and feed it 10g of water and 15g of flour (5:10:15)

Let it ripen and note how long it takes to do so.

Next build would be 30:60:90 giving your 180g of sourdough.

i then use 2 large spoonfuls and add it to my sponge ingredients and let it sit overnight at 70°.

it takes 6 hours for both stages.


i froze some 60% starter and to bring it back to life i use the method suggested by dabrownman:

20 g              STARTER
40 g             WATER
40 g             FLOUR
100 g          TOTAL

Don't forget to freeze 20g of starter (60% hydro) just in case you kill the one you are using or use it all like I have done by mistake. You can always take it out of the freezer add 40 g each of flour and water to it an you will get your old starter back in a day no problem with another feeding at 12 hours.


all of these procedures have helped get my baking back on track to better baking. apart from careful measuring i now check storage temperatures and the results are better than ever.

so its a big thanks to Janetcook and dabrownman.

hopefully these procedures may help others

the Baking Bear



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Hi John,

Thank you for your high praise.  I blush and thank all those here on TFL who helped me find what works for me with my starter and breads.  A mere link in a chain of bakers who have all shared generously these past 2 years.  Big thanks to Floyd, without whom none of this would be possible and I surely would not be baking with sourdough.

Your persistence paid odd and I am so glad you now have a routine that works for you too.  What is more important, in a way, is that you also now know what does not work  :-)

Happy Baking :-)


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is so right on.  Nearly everything I know about baking bread, that is worth knowing I learned right here by so many different Fresh Lofians I couldn't begin to name them all.  So the stuff you learned from us we learned from others on TFL - we just did so a little earlier is all. 

The folks here sure changed my baking for the better as all know well if they have followed my blogs.

Now it is just Practice, Practice, Practice....

Thanks for the shout out none the less.