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Drive Belt for Assistent/Magic Mill/DLX?

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Drive Belt for Assistent/Magic Mill/DLX?

I have an Electrolux Assistent N4- probably 50 years old and used until last week when the belt started to slip. Can't find anything suitable as a replacement belt anywhere and the manufacturers won't reply to emails!!  Any help or suggestions most welcome. Can't believe that there aren't spares for these things in europe?

Some info I turned up which may help was:

Drive belt for mixer / multi function machine. Size: Lenght 300mm, 25mm wide. Fits Electrolux Assistent: N4, N6, N7, N8, N10, N20, N21, N22, N23, N2100, AHK21, DLX9000,

part no: 23772007



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Have you tried Electrolux repair? The phone is  201-785-8840.

I've had replacement parts from them.



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I have worked with the same folks and found them to be very helpful.  They are Royalux Corp and located in Upper Saddle River, New Jersey.

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I just refurbished my N4, got a new belt, motor suspension and bearings.

It is a thrill to use something that is over 50 years old and see that it is still better than many of the recent offerings.

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Hi Lennyk!

where did you refurbish your N4? Do you know if the motorsuspensions can be bought as a spare part in US?

We cant get any spare parts for N4 in sweden eccept the drive belt. Costs around 30 euro. Probem is that more often then a broken belt, the worn down motor suspension makes the drive belt jump of the wheels.  There is a short term workaround, if the suspension is not totaly broken, just detatch it and rotate it 180 degrees. This will hopefully make the axels go straight for some time more.

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Having sorted the drive out I've now blown the capacitor between motor and switch/power supply.... Looks like 3caps in one case, anyone found one of these whilst undertaking their refurbishment? 



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I live in Trinidad, the suspension is made locally by some guy.

The local Electrolux dealer handled everything for me, they also had the belt and changed the bearings to newer sealed ones.

If you really want I can get a cost and maybe have a set sent to you as I travel to the US fairly often.



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LennyK could you provide the contact info for the dealer that you used in Trinidad Please and Thanks,


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Just bought my Verona a couple of weeks ago and I am sooooo happy with it. Like it for my bread way more than the Kitchen-aid.

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Hi My Sister has an old Electrolux N4 and the rubber drive belt tore. We live in South Africa and need a replacement desperately can anyone help? Thanks Herman