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Commercial deck oven recommendations

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Commercial deck oven recommendations


I am currently in the midst of setting up a bakery in Singapore and would like some advice on selecting an electric deck oven.

I have narrowed down my list to European made ovens and have gotten quotations from several suppliers in Singapore. However, I'm not sure which would be the best brand to go with.

These are the ovens which I have shortlisted. They are all 4 deck electric deck ovens with steam injection and each deck can hold four 400x600mm sheet pans. Prices are all just rough estimates given and have been converted from Singapore dollars.

1) Wachtel Piccolo II-4 ~ US$27,000 (Germany)

2) Sveba Dahlen SDS ~ US$36,000 (Denmark)

3) Miwe Condo ~ US$36,000 (Germany)

4) Bongard Soleo ~ US$38,000 (France)

5) Pavailler Rubis ~ US$36,000 (France)

Does anyone have any recommendations on which would be the best and most reliable brand? The primary difference would be where it is made. I appreciate any advice given.

Thank you.



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Ask whoever you are buying it from about the ease of getting parts and service for whatever brand you buy, when something happens eventually and it takes a month or two to get a part or service from Europe, whoever you are purchasing it from and thier ability to get what you need makes the biggest difference. 



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Thank you red5. So far it seems that Sveba Dahlen is one of the easiest to get parts and service as it is very popular here.

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Hi Cien,  from jakarta here

I am currently in the same position as you with deck ovens as i am seeking to purchase one also, currentley i have only got info on the wachtel brand and next week i am looking at bongard.

Just wondering if you have purchased a deck oven and which brand you went for and why?

any info you would like to pass on would be interesting