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Great tip from a friend! Covering your bowls......

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Great tip from a friend! Covering your bowls......

A good friend of mine just gave me a great tip to use in my breadbaking. Several of the recipes I use call for either autolizing and/or fermenting in the mixing bowl, and suggest you cover the bowl with plastic. Well, rather than use a new piece of oftentimes clighy/difficult to manage cling wrap, she saves the elasticized plastic shower caps from her hotelroom visits! It works great, fits many sizes of mixing bowl, and it's free!! They also sell them on Amazon, about $4 for a box of 30 of them.....



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But, do you know where your hair net has been in the hotel room?   I guess it depends on the hotel and where it is located right ? 

 : -)

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Yes, use with caution I suppose--I'd only use them when they are new in the box......or buy them for $.15 ea......

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.... and you CAN buy them dirt cheap at places like

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I bought some of THESE off of Eric's site Breadtopia.  They are very durable.  I bake daily and have used mine and washed them for well over a year and they still are going strong!


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Dollar Tree, etc.

I bought 2 boxes of 20 various sizes when I first started baking over 3 years ago.

Each box cost $1. Still on the first box.

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I, too, use and reuse disposable plastic shower caps as bowl and loaf-pan covers.  I buy mine at WalMart.  They are cheap and long-lasting.