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Sourdough Starter and Carl's Starter

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Sourdough Starter and Carl's Starter

I was wondering how I can combine Carl's starter with a starter I have at home. I'm still new to this site and any help is appreciated.

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Mini Oven

will result.  You could take a teaspoon of each active starter, whisk them with 50g water and 50 to 100g flour and let the beasties battle it out between themselves.  The organisms will redefine the starter culture within a week of twice daily feedings between 22°C and 27°C.

Why would you like to combine them?  Are they fed the same way?  Are you having problems with your "home" starter?  Or do you just want to take care of one starter and don't know which one to keep?

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Thank you for the advice. I will try that method. I was just wondering if I can combine the starters. This way th strongest starter will survive, and probaly will be better for baking. Survival of the fittest.

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my carl starter passed away this summer. does anyone have a link to the carl starter people.

thanks, claudia

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