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Grandma's rolls

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Grandma's rolls

This is my grandma's roll recipe:

Mix 2 eggs, 1 C Mashed potatoes, 1 C warm milk. Add 1 cake yeast (2-1/4 tsp?). Add enough flour to make a sponge cover.

THERE are no directions for how much flour. I'm unsure of what a sponge cover looks like.

Rise 2-1/2 hours

Add 2 tsp salt, 1/2 C butter & remaining flour

AGAIN: How much flour? I always tend to add too much. I think I remember what it should feel like, though.

Rise again. (DOUBLE in size, right?)

Shape into rolls, cook at 350 degrees, 20 minutes.


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Know what we will do  with the leftover mashed potatoes that are a combo of Yams and Russets!  Thanks fir your GMA's recipe. It sounds great and with butter and cream added to the mix somehow - what is not to like :-)

Happy thanksgiving to you, yours and all GMA's everywhere.

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they turned out. They were special. "Okay, we're going to have a potluck. Everyone bring whatever you want, except Keemie will make the rolls."

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Sponges can vary greatly and all variations can produce great results.

In this case you can probably go with half the flour in the sponge, as I'm guessing that many of these "Grandma" type recipes used 50 - 60% of the flour in the sponge.

I'm also guessing the way "that" segment of the recipe should read is: Add enough flour to make a sponge. Cover.

Meaning, make the sponge and then cover the sponge(with a cloth, or plastic wrap, etc) while it rises.

Good luck.

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LOL! I was writing fast while my aunt read the recipe over the phone. What a difference punctuation makes! She always covered her doughs, for certain.

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I made these rolls for Thanksgiving and they turned out great.  The recipe sounds very similar to your grandma's.  I halved the recipe and ended up using about 2.5 cups of flour.  I didn't make a sponge though, just added all the flour at once to make a soft and slightly tacky dough.  Good luck!