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Looking for Unpaid Internship in Toronto

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Looking for Unpaid Internship in Toronto

I am a 24 year old looking for an unpaid internship in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I have no formal scholastic training in baking or cooking (finance background, opted for career change). I do read a lot of books on bread and I have spent the last three months doing a fulltime unpaid internship for a French bakery. The reason I am looking for a new internship is because I am more interested in doing a variety of artisan/hearth breads rather than just white baguettes and sourdough boules. I am interested in pastry learning as well. At my current bakery, I have mainly been working on the scaling and shaping of bread dough and laminated dough. The only things I've overseen from beginning to end are various scones, muffins, cookies and chocolate ganache cakes.

Since I have so little experience I am not looking for any remuneration, just an experienced baker who would be willing to take me on. I am available all week for any number of hours required. I am also able to provided references from my current internship. Any help or interest is greatly appreciated!



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Don't sell yourself short. 

People willing to work and learn are in short supply. Any legit bakery will be happy to pay you for the work you put in, especially if you are open to "all week for any number of hours".  Look for a paying job first before making blanket offers giving up your time for free. 3 months as an intern is more than enough time to begin looking for paying job if your references back up what you're saying.