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Subway Silicone Bread Pans - ALL SOLD THANK YOU!

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Subway Silicone Bread Pans - ALL SOLD THANK YOU!



Hello All,

Would anyone be interested in the Silicone Bread Pans you see used at Subway? I have 16 of them. These are 5 Loaf Bread Pans made in France for Subway.  

I believe I’ve seen these go on this site for 20.00 each, plus shipping – which is what I am asking.

I can send you pictures as well. These were obtained through previous Subway Owners. They are the REAL DEAL! 

Thank You! 

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The internet is an interesting place. Sometimes posts are not even written by a human. Since you seem to have just joined the forum to post this ad, you may want to provide an introduction to reassure people you are real. Odd thing to have to request ,isn't it?

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#1, I am human. I initially was going to write a little more, but thought I would keep it to the point.

I own a business (not in the food industry) in Huntington, WV and obtained these through a job for previous Subway owners. 

I found this forum when I was researching the pans. Evidently members on this forum were looking for these a year or so ago. Since there was some interest in these before, I thought I would create an account on here to let Fresh Loaf members know I have some.

It would be great, actually, if there were some members on here local to my area. That way I could just meet them somewhere personally. If anyone is interested in having these shipped, we’ll work out something that each of us feels comfortable with. If we need to go through e-bay we can do that. I also (since I have a business) have a business paypal account. To be honest, I’m not even sure how much shipping on these will be, I’ll check into that if anyone is interested. I’ll probably just do the one rate box thing with USPS.

Anyway…Have a Happy Thanksgiving and please let me know if any of you are interested. We’ll find a way (you trust) to get these to you.



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The pan dimensions are: 13 W x 18 L x 1 3/8 H”

The cost for each pan is 20.00.

Shipping on 1-3 pans is 5.00 (4-6 is 10.00, 7-9 is 15.00...and so on, as I can fit 3 pans in one box). I am offsetting some of the shipping on the initial pan as well as paying any additional shipping (due to weight) for pans 2 & 3 in each box. These will go out priority mail so you should get them in 2-3 days according to the USPS. 

Paying through my business's PayPal account seems to be working out very well (when I get your request, I'll send you the link). Once I receive payment, I send your pan out ASAP. 

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! Thanks!   

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onion loaf

I,am interested in 2 of your silicone subway loaf pans.

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i have sent you an email to the craigslist listing

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just wondering if you purchased one of these pans ??  If so   what do you think of it ?


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I currently have 11 pans left.

(I will keep this post updated until all are sold.)

Thank You!

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Hi Rob,

Are these silicone pans perforated? 


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Yes they are.

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I now have only 1 pan left!!!  2 if I sell the one I was giong to use. 

Big thanks to this site and those who have purchased these.

I'm glad they are getting into the hands of those who will put them to good use! 

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Would you (or someone else) know the temp max I could use with this pan? Thanks

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I have no idea!

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I believe my little SilPat octagon, also made in France, has a maximum temperature rating of 450F.

Edit: The blurb for SilPat mats on Amazon says 482 F (250 C).

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Thanks Mango!

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Yes, I bought one.  Results are great.  So glad I was able to get one. Will post a photo soon.