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Hostess Made Home Pride Bread

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Hostess Made Home Pride Bread

Hello, I love this site with all the helpful folks and while I mostly read and bake on my own in my little kitchen I am hoping someone can help me with  little delimma.  My family likes the Home Pride Bread that Hostess makes/made.  Is there any recipes that can duplicate that.  A google search did not turn up any results to help me out.  They also eat what I bake however that bread was a go to for several occasions for sandwiches for some reason.  So if I can recreat it then I would be and they too very grateful.  I await any responses and thank you all in advance for your consideration.

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Take a look (via the search box) for Hokkaido Milk bread. It is soft,fluffy and very tasty with no ingredients that also are in your shaving cream or totally unpronounceable. I believe there is even a whole wheat version and even a sourdough version so you have lots of choices.

If the shape of the bread matters (is the Home Pride a wide pan shape?), I use a 1 1/2 qt, rectangular corning casserole dish to make "wide pan" breads. Otherwise, just use the usual loaf pans.

Have elicious fun experimenting.