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Need bread table suggestions!

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Bread Baker Mama

Need bread table suggestions!

Ok so I am VERY new to this.  I have asked my dad to make me a bread table for kneading and generally just making the bread.  I want something to pass down to my children from my dad. :)  

If someone were to make you a bread table, what would you want it to have?  Please help me design this table.  What height would be best?  He is pretty handy so it shouldn't be any trouble for him.


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That is a great project! Here are some ideas:

1. regarding height: this depends on your own height, but in general it should be tall enough that you don't have to bend over, but short enough that you could really put your weight into kneading or rolling something out.

2. I'm a fan of there being some storage space underneath the table surface to store things like flour, scales, rolling pins, proofing baskets and such. It's very convenient to just reach down for the supplies I need. My setup is a couple of cheap IKEA cabinets with the doors taken off, on top of which I glued a thick wooden board. Your father's woodworking will be of much higher quality :-)

3. I personally like wood surfaces for bread. I bought a 1.5 inch thick edge grain hardwood maple board that is about 36'' x 24''. I would recommend either an edge grain or end grain board (the latter will be much more labor intensive) that is very thick - at least 2 or 3 inches, so that it can be resurfaced and reconditioned for years to come.

Please keep us updated on this project. I'd love to see the finished product!

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Mini Oven

Standing:  I would make table height as high as my poking out wrist bones when I stand in my house shoes and let my arms hang down on my sides.

I would include a small flat drawer hanging under the table for bench scraper, rolling pins and knife and any other favorite tools I use.   :)

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I'd want a raised back and sides to keep the flour from going all over the place!

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Do a Google image search, you might find something you like.

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Bread Baker Mama

Thank you!  These ideas are wonderful!  I have tried googling but I kept coming up with things other than what I wanted.  I thought these seasoned bakers could help me more. :)

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Go back to Google image and try (Antique Bread Making Table), there are a few interesting ones.

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How about a slot or hole with a convenient collector to scrape the extra flour into.

Electrical outlet for mixer, grinder, etc.

Heated bread proofing drawer.


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Top it all off with a Canadarm to help with the kneading  lol.

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This is a table that I recently designed and constructed. It measures 36 inches high including the castors, it is about 5 feet long over all with the plastic wrap dispenser and the frame is 24 inches deep. The countertop is 32 inches deep primarily due to the fact that it is made from a piece of recycled Corian countertop that I did not want to cut down. The frame and body of the cabinet are made from reclaimed shipping pallets. The only items that I had to purchase were the drawer slides/guides, the castors and the Corian top. The drawers hold my scale, various baking tools, proofing cloths, parchment paper, etc. The height was determined based on my height which is 6 feet. Hope this helps you out.

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Mighty fine looking piece of gear there , looks great and very resourceful too, well done there Marshalbear

kind regards Yozza