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What is a double pass vs single pass sheeter?

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What is a double pass vs single pass sheeter?

I'm looking to purchase a dough sheeter but I'm trying to understand the differences.  One of the first things I've noticed is single pass vs double pass and I don't get what the difference is, can someone explain?

What else should I look for in a dough sheeter, I've only ever used one before and it was extremely simple, had a few settings for thickness and an on/off switch.  You would put a dough ball through one side and it would come out the other flat, you then put it through another section which makes it even thinner/larger (I think this might be what double pass means but I'm not sure).

All the dough sheeters I've seen here are reversible but have only one place to put the dough in, and then there are countertop models.

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The sheeter you described as having used is a double-pass sheeter: it has two sets of rollers.  The first flattens the dough a little bit, the second presses it thinner.  A single pass has only one set of rollers and is commonly used for things like pizza and pita bread production.

Reversible countertop sheeters are amazing.  But used they will run you $10K-$12K,  so unless you're producting product for a retail or wholesale market, they are an expensive toy.