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New from Ontario :)

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Bread Baker Mama

New from Ontario :)


I am just starting to get interested in making bread.  I am a mom of 6 children who we homeschool.  I have always been interested in nutrition and I try to choose healthy foods for us to eat.  I have just started making our bread and I am loving it.  I love the smell.  I love the kneading.  I love my children and husband mmmmmm'ing every time they eat a piece of bread.  There really is nothing like it!

I really have a tonne of questions and I feel lost as to where to start.  I basically know nothing.  

I would love to learn about flours.  I have a Vitamix and I would be making our flour.  How do I know what is healthy, yet tasty?  How do I know how much of a certain flour to use if I change from the recipe.  I have only baked with whole wheat and it turns out very tasty.  I did try making buckwheat flour and we all spit the bread out.  It was awful.  Anyway, I will be lurking on here for a while and then the questions will start.  :)

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Hi there!

I, like many of us here share your joy of baking for family and friends. Isn't that one of the best things about baking a loaf, sharing it with the people we love?

I also am especially interested in quality ingredients, starting with flour. I'm not particularly interested in milling my own flour, but since I live in the Heartland (Nebraska), I am interested in working with different flours. My mom lives in Manhattan, KS, the home of K-State University. They have a milling science program there and I understand they sell some of the flours they mill in their program. Sometime when I'm in town for a visit I plan to stop by the university and buy some of their flour.

I just wanted to say "hi" really. Hopefully someone else around here can offer some guidance r.e. grinding your own flour.