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Hello from New Hampshire, USA

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Hello from New Hampshire, USA

Every bread I've ever made comes out the same texture because I mistakenly thought that a bread dough should always be the same & the ingredients make the differences in charactor. I have, of course, been disappointed many, many times & pretty much gave up about 10 years ago.

I have recently tried making Nann and then Pita bread. Both came out good enough that I decided to see what I could find on the net. I found this site today and am very excited! 

I have started at the begining with the lessons available here & have already learned a few things. Like how different breads get their textures... well, the first step is to admitt there is a problem, right!?

Thank you for sharing your collective knowledge!!!

Time to get to work! ~ JoieMichelle

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Welcome.  I am a bread newbie, too.

Could you tell me what recipe you use for pita bread?  I am eager to try it.