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search function

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search function

I've been having trouble with the Forum Search function.  Lately, it hasn't given any results to any query.  All I get is Loading, but they never load.  It's worked really well in the near past, but the last couple of days, I haven't been able to search the Forum.  Is it just me?  Thanks.

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I just tried it and it worked for me...



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Ok, thanks.  I just figured out it was a browser setting that prevented the search function from working.  Cheers.

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I've not gotten it to work in IE for months now, but it still works in Firefox.  If there is a setting which fixes it in IE, I have not found it yet.

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Have not used IE in a while, and don't know much about it's settings, but just tried a couple of searches and got similar hits to what's expected and what I get with FF.

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You can also search just the fresh loaf using google by typing "" after your google search.

I.e. you can type the following in the search box at (without the quotation marks) :

"sour dough receipes"