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Baguette Shaping Guide

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Baguette Shaping Guide

Hi there!

I just thought I'd post this up here to see what you think - tis a fairly simple picture guide on how to tightly shape baguettes that I made to go along with a recipe on my blog (Balsamic Onion Baguettes). Any feedback on clarity would be greatly appreciated, as I am working to devise similar step-by-step guides for an upcoming bread book (and I believe tartine is the best and most beautiful so far, but still can be a bit confusing):



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Looks pretty good to me!

Good luck with your book and keep us updated.

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... and that goes by pretty fast in your pictures. Think about showing the steps of a/setting up your initial thickness by rolling it in the middle b/extending it out left to right on the roll of dough c/tapering or otherwise shaping the ends. Hope this makes sense!

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brilliant feedback - thanks. Just the sort of thing I'm looking for!

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I'm just starting to learn these, so this was very helpful!

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shaping but the scoring needs work.  Being slash challenged myself I shouldn't be giving advice but,  if you divide the top of the 3"wide baguette into 3rds running lengthwise your cuts should be in the middle 1"only and not across the baguette.  Start then in the upper right and have them finish in the lower left of this 1".  Overlap them about 30% each and get 5 slashes in a 24 " baguette.  Some pros get 6 but 5 is terrific.

If I could do it I would show you a picture but teketeke has a really nice tutorial on her blog with drawings to show more detail.

It also helps for some to have the baguette horizontal lengthwise on the bench when you slash rather than vertical running away from you.


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Haha, don't worry. Although I called these "baguettes", they're really not. 400g of dough and needs to fit lengthways in my oven = not a baguette!


Thank you for the feedback!

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Perhaps you should change the title of your thread (not even sure if this is possible).

Makes it a little confusing for those of us who look for shaping advice.

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There are some great videos available at TFL - browse through the Video tab at the top of the page.

For great shaping advice (and more), check out:

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Thanks much for the link :)