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Yeast Enlightenment

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Yeast Enlightenment

Just wanted to give my great thanks to TFL and all of the contributers for flipping some switch in my brain that has me suddenly infatuated with yeast breads. I've baked a little with yeast before (delicious cinnamon rolls and a few unsatisfying loaves) but never really got too deep. During Sandy I decided to pass the time making some soft pretzels (Alton Brown's recipe). They were pretty good, but more importantly they were not too far from great. This made me want to figure out how to make them great and TFL was there to give me more info than a novice such as myself could take in at once. I have a long way to go but the bug is there. 

It makes me smile to think that I've made thousands of cookies and almost all of them have been yummy and no trouble to make and the handful of loaves I've made have all been pretty lousy, and yet I find myself much more intrigued by the difficult path...

Thanks again to everyone for making this site a true treasure for bakers of all levels.