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Hello from the mountains of TN!

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Hello from the mountains of TN!

Hello folks!  just wanted to stop in and say hey!  

I've been reading this forum on and off for a few months as I am in the process of finding and perfecting the quintessential  bread recipe for my hubby and I.  I am now a retail gift store owner who actually now has more time to perfect my home baking techniques than I ever did working for others.  I used to work as a chemist and quality engineer in the automotive industry for 23 years....and up until 2010 I had lived on the beautiful shore of West Michigan....but had enough of the winters and the unstable auto industry and packed it in and moved it all down to the beautiful Cumberland mountains of Tennesee

I have a hand mill my husband bought me four months ago (..and he just recently replaced it with a Nutrimill!  Yay! I am a lucky woman) and have been experimenting with grinding fresh flour to bake with.  We both like a sweeter yeast bread although he is diabetic so I have to make concessions for that in my bread baking. Made a wonderful couple of loaves from a modified Amish White Bread recipe I currently use for making bread....which makes a fabulously tasty loaf, but I still need to tweak it to perfection though....using less sugar, and oil to make it a more figure and diabetic friendly slice.

I have been using a dough enhancer which I have surmised from my readings that there are folks on here that think this an unholy practice.... but it works for what I want.....which is too increase the loft on my loaves and create a less dense whole wheat bread...and I'm okay with it and can sleep at night with a clear concious. LOL!  I also make my two dogs homemade treats using the fresh ground flour and they absolutely love them.....(although....they would eat lint too and think it's maybe they are just humoring me....)

anyway....just thought I would drop a line, introduce myself, and say hello!  

Have a wonderful day!



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Frequent Flyer

Good to have you aboard.  I grind wheat as well and love the mountains of Tennessee.