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Crusty buns flatten out while rising.

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Crusty buns flatten out while rising.

I have been trying to make French bread round crusty buns.  I roll the dough into balls and place them individually on the baking sheet so they will not touch when they have risen.  But rather than increasing in height and width when they rise they just increase in width and end up looking like flat hamburger buns.

How can I get them to rise into nice round buns?


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Try to shorten the length of time they are proofing on the baking sheet. Get them into the oven sooner.

Another possibility is the dough is wetter than it should be. Could also be that the gluten is not developed enough.

What recipe are you using? Have you tried different recipes? What brand and type of flour are you using?

What is your level of experience? Sometimes, that's all it takes.

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Thanks for the reply.

This was the first time I had tried to do French Crusty Buns with a water bath in the oven and spritzing the buns after 3 min and 6 min in the oven.  I did note that the recipe I used made dough a lot wetter than what I had been used to.  The buns were wonderfully crusty and had a fine creamy texture inside which was exactly what I was looking for but the shape was terrible.  I will try adding a bit more flour and making the dough a little drier and let you know if that makes a difference.


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I will try adding a bit more flour and making the dough a little drier and let you know if that makes a difference.


Keep you flour the same and make your adjustments by adding less water, if you can.  It's a little easier this way and it won't bugger up your salt/flour ratio.


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good advice on the use less water,..BUT what is the base formula you use? typically a french is a looser dough than others, and i would use the best bread flour you can get (high protein), and you may try going to your local food coop and order some wheat gluten, add a much is hard to say without seeing the formula first...and like another said, the one ingredient we can offer is free and takes time.. experience, often handling is the back some photos please.