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Can I leave overnight? (White 8-strand plaited loaf)

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Can I leave overnight? (White 8-strand plaited loaf)


I need some advice on rise time (sort of). My loaf has had one hour rise, then I plaited, and it's currently on its second hour rise.  I've decided, as its late, that I'd rather bake in the morning. 

Will my dough be ok overnight and where is recommended to store it? 

Thanks, Charli. 

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Mary Clare

Is this a sandwich style loaf, or a very lean dough?

You might try putting it in the fridge immediately, and then since it will almost have fully risen, put it directly into the oven from the fridge.  I'd probably lower the oven temp a bit since it will be cold : )

Best wishes!

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If it helps this is the loaf ..

Yeah ok that's a good idea, I could lower the temperature a little. Thanks for the quick reply :)