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I'm a muppet and just used all my starter for the dough! What now?

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I'm a muppet and just used all my starter for the dough! What now?

The subject says it all. I forgot to leave some starter to keep for next time. I've had it had it going  since April. I only just kneeled the dough. Can I keep a bit of that instead? And if so, how to feed it. It already has salt, is that a problem?

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Mini Oven

about ping-pong ball size  

and put it into your starter jar.  Let it rise and ripen and fall back onto itself and then feed as a starter -- your normal routine.  :)

Salt is not a problem although it may take longer than normal salt-free starter.   

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Put a cup of warm water in your sourdough container( hopefully you did not wash it?) slosh it around then mix I 1 cup of flour to the container and leave it over night, star a feed cycle and in a few days ( maybe sooner if you had enough residual in the jar) you will be up and going

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Mini Oven

might work better for one cup of flour.  I would even reduce that by half if the container is well scraped out. (1/4 c warm (not hot) water to 1/2 c flour)

keep it warm and don't refrigerate.

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I did wash the jar straightaway. It was scraped clean anyway as I was a bit short for my recipe. I will try to do it with a ball of dough. My dad tells me when he was a kid in rural Spain he remembers they always left a ball of dough from one week to another. Didn't feed it or anything. 

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A very well regarded baker once told me he had to race to the oven after loading his bread to rip off a chunk after suddenly realizing he'd used all his levain! He made it in time before the microrganisms had died off and successfully revived the culture.

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get it back to good health make sure you freeze about 25 g of 60% hydration starter wrapped in plastic and then aluminum foil, just in case you forget again as so many of us do.   Replace the freezer one every 6 months.

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There is no need to go to extremes... Just replace the dough, keep the freezer :P

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ha ha ha!

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Frequent Flyer

.....have our muppet moments.  After a few refreshments the salt concentration will be minimal and your starter will be back.  I keep some dried starter flakes in the fridge for when the muppet in me comes out.


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Thanks all for the advice. The starter seems to have recovered already. Thanks particulary to Mini Oven who has already rescued my starter twice!

And I'm glad my starter is not the only one suffering from muppetry!