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Pizza Flour

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Pizza Flour

Learning the different types of flour & % are all a new concept to me.   

What I'm reading is that a low protein flour is best for pizza!!!! Here in Mexico, I'm using an AP flour that is 10.1%, according to this pizzamaking site, that's great, is that right?  I think I'm so exited!!!

The Caputo 00 Pizzeria flour is a lot different than high-gluten flour. It also has a lower protein content, 11.5-12.5%, as compared with 14.2% for the KASL high-gluten flour. The two flours can't be used interchangeably in recipes. 

 For a majority home pizza chefs, the Tipo 00 is fantastic -- head and shoulders above what was available in the states only six months ago. It is far beyond American flour for pizza baking.

Regarding Caputo, I recently bought a 1000g bag of "00" flour in NYC made by Molino, but not Molino Caputo but Molino San Felice, from Naples as well. The packaging looks similar to Caputo, with the words "ottima per pizze e dolci" on it. The bag gives a protein content of 10.5g along with other data. Has anyone know/used this flour?
Yes, that is excellent flour comparable to caputo.  There are a number of pizzerias in Naples using this flour and it seems like it is gaining in popularity.  
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Depends on what you like. I tried all OO but thought it was too extensible. For me 1/3 OO and 2/3 AP, 70 % hydration produces the pizza I like best. Other factors are the amount of yeast used/duration of bulk ferment. Also I found that I needed 2 hours after shaping the dough ball, before I made the dough into a pizza round.


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Curious as to what the protein % is for your AP flour?

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Keep in mind that when using only the 00 pizza flour it is meant to be baked in very hot ovens 700 degrees F. or above.  If you can't get your oven that hot I suggest you mix part AP flour with the 00 flour for the best results.  Of course you should try yourself and see what you prefer and works for you.  When I make my pizza on my kettle charcoal weber I have a contraption that allows me to burn wood with the charcoal and get the temperature to 700 plus degrees.

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That's a very good point regarding the temperature for the flour!  I can by no means bake my pizza at 700!   I do see better results with the convection oven at 500 degrees.

These two sights have more thoughts regarding the % in flour, the chart at the bottom is helpful:

Does anyone recommend adding a tsp of wheat gluten to a cup of AP that only has 10.1 grams of protein, especially if pizza dough isn't available?  There is an AP pizza dough at 10.1 g of protein, is there a chance that there is a higher gluten in that flour?  The reason I ask is because the same brand produces a similar finer flour for pastries, doesn't mention pizza dough, yet the protein is still 10.1 grams.